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Kawasaki Motorcycles Bendigo, ATVs, RUVs and Utility Vehicles Bendigo

Elliott Bros love quality Bendigo motorcycles that deliver reliable power and quality performance so we have the entire range of Kawasaki Motorcylces right here in our Bendigo showroom. It’s worth coming in to our Bendigo store just to take a look at these beautiful machines.

Kawasaki Motorbikes Range

No matter what you want out of your motorbike, whether its off road adventuring, open road cruising or knee to the tarmac sports riding, we have the Kawasaki motorbike for you. Kawasaki motorcycles lead the way in performance from your uncles farm to the vast outback, from your favourite trail to the wide open highway, for an afternoon blast or a 6-month voyage, theres a Kawasaki to deliver the dream. Offroad motorbikes Motocross Cruisers Supersport motor bikes Sport bikes

Kawasaki ATVs

For a 4×4, fourwheeler, ATV or quad bike you are bound to find the ideal machine in the Kawasaki range at Elliott Bros Bendigo showroom. Business or pleasure, carrying a heavy load or racing for the chequers, Kawasaki has an All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) to surpass your expectations. Agriculture ATVs and quad bikes Sport 4×4 ATVs

Kawasaki RUVs

The Kawasaki Recreation Utility Vehicle (RUV) takes off road adventuring to another dimension and it is on display now in our Bendigo showroom. The powerful, sport oriented RUV has maximum cornering capability and will bring you hours of offroad fun and adventure.

Kawasaki Utility Vehicles – Mules

Elliott Bros of Bendigo have the complete range of Kawasaki Utility Vehicles – Mules on display in Bendigo. As with all Kawasaki motor vehicles the Mules in the Kawasaki range are sturdy and dependable machines with plenty of grunt. Built to be tough and compact, Kawasaki Mules are agile, capable, go-anywhere utility vehicles designed to deliver a hard days work while making minimum impact on their surroundings.